Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

. f a c e b o o k .

i remember getting a cell phone. prior to getting a cell phone ... no one was upset with me whenever i wasn't in touch. people called my home phone ... left a message ... and i called them back when i had some time.

so when i finally cratered and bought a cell phone ... all of a sudden people would get mad if my phone was off. they would be upset if i didn't get in touch with them instantly! immediately ... i owned a leash named nokia. my cell phone is a source of great grief for me. i am now intended to be at everyone's beck and call.

facebook is an equivalent annoyance. i have tried to keep things as secret as possible. i have created a secret alias in an effort to keep people from befriending me. however ... they always find out about my undercover facebook name because of things called 'tags!'

when a photo is uploaded onto facebook ... a person is identified in the photo by placing a tag on the person they are identifying. instead of people tagging my real name ... they tag my alias ... and my cover is blown! all of a sudden ... people are upset at me for not having befriended them.

don't get me wrong ... cell phones and facebook have wonderful uses. i love the convenience of a cell phone ... and i thoroughly enjoy reading a message in my inbox. i also like the sharing of photographs.

however ... people don't understand that i just don't befriend anyone. there are certain people that don't understand my sense of humor ... or people who would take offense to a photo of me in my undies. others get offended at my use of certain words. they can't comprehend friendship apart from facebook. i still love them ... but i don't want them to be my facebook friend.

i suppose it is therapeutic for me to vent about this on my blog. that is ... of course ... if the persons reading this aren't my friends on facebook.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

. e x e r c i s e .

since i've been in beijing ... i've been pretty sedentary. i've been using the weather as an excuse. granted ... it's been cold ... but excuses are for pussies.

so ... i started exercising two days ago. i was super excited to finally get off of my ass and do a little running. i ran for about forty minutes. it was unusually difficult for me to breathe when i ran ... and when i finished ... i felt some burning in my lungs. i had some black boogers ... which i haven't had since i stopped smoking.

i decided to do a little research today on why all of that was happening to me ... and i came across this bbc article ...

a r i c l e .

you don't need to read the entire thing if you don't want to ... but the quote that got to me was that in beijing ... 'athletes can take in up to twenty times more oxygen than sedentary people and thus twenty times as much pollution.'

also ... '110 people out of every 100,000 die from chronic respiratory diseases in china ... compared to a level of 72 per 100,000 in the united kingdom.'

so ... i'm wondering if the healthiest alternative for my existence in china is sitting on my ass. there has never been a better excuse to do absolutely nothing. so nothing is what i'll do ... if 'doing nothing' isn't an oxymoron.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

. q u i t .

most everyone taught me as i was growing up ... that it's never good to quit once you start. you know ... bad form. you know ... follow all the way through.

i think i've decided that {quitting} is a bit relative. you know ... this idea of not quitting. i suppose it depends on whether or not you started something that you shouldn't have. parents will tell a child ... 'don't be a quitter!' ... and directly after the child starts running away to play ... mom says ... 'quit running dumb ass!!' somewhat confusing.

i started smoking a few years ago when i moved to paris. it's a nasty habit really. it makes your teeth turn colors ... and causes you to have stinky breath. i also started drinking a little before that. again ... kind of a bad habit. i started drinking coffee a little before that. it's another one of those things that turns your teeth yellow.

i suppose quitting isn't one of those things that's necessarily good unless you start something that's bad. so the key is never starting something that you eventually would want to quit. so the key to not quitting something is never starting something that you would potentially want to quit.

my point is that i'm not quite sure whether or not i should have started this blog.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

. n a t .

i'm listening to a kid from maine. he used to play with the dirty projectors. i watched him play in austin. kid is wicked good. he is worth checking out. he plays the upright bass with a bow ... and he is unbelievable.

click on the link below ...