Tuesday, February 24, 2009

. f a c e b o o k .

i remember getting a cell phone. prior to getting a cell phone ... no one was upset with me whenever i wasn't in touch. people called my home phone ... left a message ... and i called them back when i had some time.

so when i finally cratered and bought a cell phone ... all of a sudden people would get mad if my phone was off. they would be upset if i didn't get in touch with them instantly! immediately ... i owned a leash named nokia. my cell phone is a source of great grief for me. i am now intended to be at everyone's beck and call.

facebook is an equivalent annoyance. i have tried to keep things as secret as possible. i have created a secret alias in an effort to keep people from befriending me. however ... they always find out about my undercover facebook name because of things called 'tags!'

when a photo is uploaded onto facebook ... a person is identified in the photo by placing a tag on the person they are identifying. instead of people tagging my real name ... they tag my alias ... and my cover is blown! all of a sudden ... people are upset at me for not having befriended them.

don't get me wrong ... cell phones and facebook have wonderful uses. i love the convenience of a cell phone ... and i thoroughly enjoy reading a message in my inbox. i also like the sharing of photographs.

however ... people don't understand that i just don't befriend anyone. there are certain people that don't understand my sense of humor ... or people who would take offense to a photo of me in my undies. others get offended at my use of certain words. they can't comprehend friendship apart from facebook. i still love them ... but i don't want them to be my facebook friend.

i suppose it is therapeutic for me to vent about this on my blog. that is ... of course ... if the persons reading this aren't my friends on facebook.

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Daniel Morchat said...

why won't you call me back...
email me... lol