Wednesday, February 11, 2009

. q u i t .

most everyone taught me as i was growing up ... that it's never good to quit once you start. you know ... bad form. you know ... follow all the way through.

i think i've decided that {quitting} is a bit relative. you know ... this idea of not quitting. i suppose it depends on whether or not you started something that you shouldn't have. parents will tell a child ... 'don't be a quitter!' ... and directly after the child starts running away to play ... mom says ... 'quit running dumb ass!!' somewhat confusing.

i started smoking a few years ago when i moved to paris. it's a nasty habit really. it makes your teeth turn colors ... and causes you to have stinky breath. i also started drinking a little before that. again ... kind of a bad habit. i started drinking coffee a little before that. it's another one of those things that turns your teeth yellow.

i suppose quitting isn't one of those things that's necessarily good unless you start something that's bad. so the key is never starting something that you eventually would want to quit. so the key to not quitting something is never starting something that you would potentially want to quit.

my point is that i'm not quite sure whether or not i should have started this blog.


the little one weezes... said...

i don't think you should quit the blog thing. it's good for you and me and danny. maybe im a little selfish but it is another form of hearing from you...

we miss you greatly. send rachel our love.


Daniel Morchat said...

quit running you dumb ass! and make sure you brush your teeth... don't quit that!